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These two sessions can be taken separately or together. The first session is all about dyeing with plants, the second session is all about weaving with plant-dyed yarn on backstrap looms.

Dyeing local colors: Foraging and dyeing with Plants $100 + Materials

Thursday, October 4 10am- 4pm



friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6 10am - 4pm

In the backstrap weaving session students will learn the process of weaving from start to finish. The backstrap loom is a simple loom constructed of a series of straight sticks. These looms have been used throughout the world for longer than archeology can track. These looms are simple tools, but their simplicity lends itself to unlimited intricacies in weaving. Students and I will set up backstrap looms using plant dyed yarns (either from the earlier natural dyeing session, or from my class yarn stash). Then students will learn the basics of weaving on these simple and elegant looms. After learning the rhythm of plain weave, I will teach my students the basics of Andean pebble weave. Students can go as deeply into the pattern possibilities of this ancient structure as they desire. With my guidance students may learn and design patterns, or they may stick with the simple joys of rhythm and color in plain weave. Either way, the students of this session will go home with all the knowledge they need to weave using only a series of sticks and yarn!

In this session my students and I will make a rainbow of colors with plants. We will forage for some plants in our immediate surroundings, and we will use some age-old dyes such as indigo and madder that do not grow in the Northern New Mexico wild. Students will learn the basics of plant dyeing and will be introduced to enough dye recipes to create a full rainbow spectrum of colors. Students will be able to take their plant-dyed yarn samples home or use them in the next session of backstrap weaving.



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