Kimberly Hamill

I am a Mother of two, an artist and a teacher living in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. Most of my weavings are inspired by ancient weave structures of the Andes. I dye my yarn with plants and sometimes bugs. I am devoted to a truly Earth friendly approach, and use only allum and cream of tartar as mordants.  

In my work as a teacher I strive to build confidence in my students. In my approach, there are no rights and wrongs in weaving, only starting points. I love to teach impeccable technique and encourage my students to use it in any way they want. 

Awards and recognitions:

Best of Show and First Place in Non-functional Weaving at the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta, 2017

Second Place in “Small Expressions” at Convergence, 2016, Milwaukee Art Museum

Best Use of Natural Fibers in Handwoven Magazine’s Readers’ Challenge, 2015

First Place in Non-Functional Weaving category at Taos Wool Festival, 2009