Color Progress

Playing with some color combinations. A piece with this big, thick 4 ply wool yarn would weave up quickly. I'm thinking I want to make some larger pieces. I'm also thinking it is time to start experimenting with weaving warp faced on my Glimakra floor loom.


Sometimes a color just happens. I was going for a dark purple. One dip in the indigo turned my madder red yarn into something that is not quite purple, but red with a transparent, dark layer.


These colors still need something. The purple needs to be much darker and I want a deep red. I'm not sure if I can get this silk to go to the red that I want with madder, so far I have gotten orange. Subdued-- I want bright! But some more indigo dips might get me the pop  I'm looking for. This silk is fine! I'm thinking I want to use 6 colors with this one and really experiment with blending. I am thinking I need to sample this yarn for this idea- recently I accept that sampling is time well spent!