My Loom's Story

Erin Riley, a weaver I very much admire, turned me on to the hashtag #myloomstory from her Instagram feed. My loom is a blackstrap loom made of pieces from many different places. The blackstrap itself and the big, but strangely lightweight beater are from Guatemala, I purchased them many years ago from my weaving teacher, Rachel Brown. The lama bone pick was sent to me from Bolivia by another weaver that I really admire, Laverne Waddington . Some of the sticks came from my first Navajo weaving class with Pearl Sunrise. The shuttle is one of many random tools my Dad found for me with his uncanny ability to find just the right stuff. I remember carving the long picking sticks on a beach in Central California. The rest of the sticks and nylon heddle strings are from Randal Lumber, a local hardware store I often frequent for loom parts. Every loom has a story.